2022 – Remastering and Official Release

As I’ve been rebuilding this site I realized that there are some things I’d like to adjust. Between mixing and releasing this in 2019 and releasing the kcwm volumes in 2021, I feel like the process I use for mixing and mastering, however amateur it might be, took some steps forward. Now, my friend, JD, has always given me a hard time about not leaving well enough alone, and he’s right…I have too often gone back and reworked or redone parts. This time, however, I have an excuse. Hear me out.

Through the distributor I use to release my kcwm onto platforms like Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music, etc, I can create two artists. As I still have one artist remaining, I intend to release the Cold the Winter EP and future releases through that distributor as well.

I do run into a potential speed bump. I released the stream versions of the six songs I recorded for Skylines and the Horizon through kcwm. I’m not sure how the system would see having two versions of the same songs. I suppose I need to reach out to my distributor to see if they can answer that question.

When preparing the drum tracks for the EP, I used Superior Drummer 2 and have since moved onto Superior Drummer 3. The process for creating the tracks is completely different, with SD3 being much easier. I also intend to put our vocals through Melodyne and do some tweaking here and there. Nothing too crazy, but there are times where we are just ever so flat and it stands out.

This page will likely see more edits as that process gets started.