To new beginnings

I recently moved hosts. In the transfer, quite likely to incompetence and user error on my part, I lost everything about the website. I even thought I had a backup, but, alas I did not. I have spent the better part of today (2/23/22) pulling blog posts from the old site via the Wayback Machine, updating them, rethinking and rebuilding the menu, and getting this back up and running.

All the information about the guitars, amps, and pedals used on Cold the Winter music has been moved to the site instead.

As for the future of Cold the Winter, the music I make for it is on the backburner while I focus on releasing Volume Four of instrumental DMCA-free rock music under the kcwm name.

I will be working on a remix, remaster, and official release of the Skylines and the Horizon EP on all streaming platforms. It has its warts, missteps, and definite amateur/bedroom vibe to it, but I’ll get better.

That or I’ll redo it all. Kidding…I do not intend on revisiting these songs again.