Not a Hiatus But…

In 2021, I began releasing music under KCWM. While I used 12 existing songs from EPs released by Cold the Winter and Low-Fi, Nice Try on Soundcloud, I still wrote 24 new songs in less than six months, even if two of them previously existed as fully realized rhythm parts.

I recently made the decision to pour more of my creative resources into more KCWM music, but intend to go back and redo the six songs we recorded for the Skylines and the Horizon EP. I’ve learned a few things and upgraded the plugins I use, even since updating them for KCWM’s Volume One album. I want to make small adjustments to a couple of vocals using Melodyne, which I think all involved would agree isn’t a bad thing.

Once that’s done, I will release them through my distributor so they can be heard on the streaming platforms KCWM is heard on, like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

I’d also like to record a few acoustic tracks and release those as well, but I don’t plan to invest the time and energy to arrange drums for another grouping of songs during 2022.