Cold the Winter is the band name I’ve been using for the full songs I write for the majority of time since 2002. The name comes from a snippet of the lyrics from Pearl Jam’s “Thumbing My Way” off of their Riot Act album. “No matter how cold the winter, there’s a springtime ahead”. It has stuck with me ever since, though a couple of names have been considered at different points in time along the way.

In 2019, I released an EP titled Skylines and the Horizon, which saw a few different starts and subsequent stalls between 2010 and its informal release in 2019. On that EP, I asked the Laird Brothers, JD and Matt, to sing vocals on five of the six songs. There is intent to revisit the Skylines and the Horizon EP, do some remixing, and have an official release at some point in 2022.

Beyond that, there are no current plans to release new Cold the Winter music in 2022. While I am not sure whether or not I will ask them to sing on the next batch of songs I release, I consider them members of the “band”.

Therefore, Cold the Winter is:

  • JD: Vocals, drum arrangement
  • Matt: Vocals
  • KCWM: Vocals, guitars, bass, drum arrangement

All songs are written by KCWM. JD contributed to the guitar part on “Zombies”. Matt contributed to the guitar part on an unreleased song called “If I Were You”.