JHS Sweet Tea v3

Edit – 12/12/18

For now, the Sweet Tea has moved off of my primary recording board and been replaced by a Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe. 

Disclaimer: I have read about the internet backlash against Josh Scott, founder of JHS Pedals). I have also read his responses to the whole thing.

People get invested in some interesting things on the internet. Sometimes, the cases for those things are incredibly compelling, sometimes there’s tidbits of truth to the whole thing, but other times  people buy into conspiracies, heresay, and flat out fabrications because it fits a narrative they have in their mind and/or they can get behind.

Whether it’s JHS Pedals, politics, the moon landings, or God knows whatever else…we have to be able to take a step back and look at something from a wider perspective. I have and choose to give Josh the benefit of the doubt.

If you disagree with me and that means you want to part ways from whatever projects I’m a part of, I completely understand and accept that.  Choice is something I very much believe in and I’m all for your ability to make said choice. I also believe in trying to be objective. Sometimes being objective means accepting that you’re going to be treading in some definitively gray areas that others might not be on board with. I’m OK with that. 

I forget where I’d read about the JHS Double Barrel. Maybe I saw one for sale on the local Craigslist, or on a gear forum, but it piqued my interest. Two drives in one: A Moonshine v2 , which is a modification of the Ibanez Tubescreamer, one of the most iconic and copied/modded pedals in existence and the other side is the Morning Glory, a transparent overdrive that has an option for a remote pedal to increase the gain. That sounded right up my alley.

I called up Nich Magnani (give him a call…he’s awesome) and talked to him about the Double Barrel because Sweetwater was doing 48 month/0% financing. He asked some questions about my gain needs and after going back and forth, he suggested the Sweet Tea instead. The Sweet Tea has the JHS version of the Tubescreamer but instead of the transparent OD, it has the Angry Charlie v3, a mid to high gain JHS pedal that’s modeled after a Marshall JCM 800. Although I have pulled back on how much gain I’ve used, I do still like to have it on tap.

It was my 39th birthday. I pulled the trigger.

I’ve had the Sweet Tea v3 for almost a year now. In my opinion the stack works much better with the right side being first and kind of set up as a clean boost. It’s how I used to run my Zvex Box of Rock into my Fulltone OCD v1 and use the boost side of the BoR to sweeten up the OCD. It sounded awesome. I like to pull the gain way back on the Moonshine, crank up the clean knob to about noon, and then kick on the Angry Charlie. If I roll some of the clean off, I can get some wicked feedback even at bedroom levels.

I have an Angry Charlie v2 on my practice board. I’m still getting used to the three tone controls the v3 has and how they interact. I need to tweak things a bit more but I think I’ve coaxed some usable tones for Skylines and the Horizon since the Sweet Tea has made an appearance on every track. I’ve used the Moonshine side on “One and Three”, “Goodbye” (with the clean up at 2 o’clock), “So Far”, and “Zombies”. I’ve used the Angry Charlie side on every track except for “Goodbye”. It’s a versatile pedal.