Pedals From the Past

Over the years, I’ve tried a good number of pedals…too many, truth be told. Pedals are an obsession for a number of guitarists, and it only takes one pedal to set off GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome as some of us call it.

Some of the pedals on the Google sheet below were only owned for a short while and some I’ve gone back to a couple of times.

Guitar Stuff That I’ve Owned: Pedals

You might find the color scheme a bit odd. Where I owned a single pedal from the maker, I tried to use the color scheme of the pedal, and where I’ve owned numerous pedals from a certain maker, I tried to recreate the combination of one of the more popular pedals. While there might be more iconic pedals, such as the DS-1 Distortion for Boss Pedals, it might have used the color combination that another pedal or group of pedals used.

For example, I’ve only owned the Digitech Bad Monkey. Its color scheme is green with Bad Monkey in yellow text. With Boss pedals, I used the color scheme of the BD-2 Blues Driver instead of the DS-1 Distortion or MT-2 Metal Zone 

Some of those pedals are pretty cheap and can be purchased on Amazon for under $50, or even $30 in a couple of cases.

If you have any questions on any of the pedals I’ve owned, or currently own, please feel free to ask.