Pedals. A guitarist’s obsession with pedals is a monster that can one can only hope to keep at bay because once it’s unleashed and more pedals are bought, the beast’s hunger only continues to grow. Pedals offer wonderful tools for shaping our sound but it’s a double edged sword because we always want to keep improving and God only knows that pedal makers keep coming out with cool ideas for us to try.

I remember walking into Guitar Center for the first time and buying my first pedal, the first pedal of many guitarists, the Boss DS-1. For years, my world of pedals was contained within a very small community of “big” brands…basically what I could find at Guitar Center, stumble upon in pawnshops,  or see on Craigslist.

On a fateful day, I met a guy to buy some pedal that I’ve now forgotten a Danelectro Dan Echo delay pedal and he told me to check out a forum called The Gear Page. That site would become the place that I spent most of my free internet time and exposed me to the boutique builders and “nicer” pedals that I’ve ended up owning over the years. I browsed the forums, read so many threads, and finally landed on my first purchase: a Zvex Box of Rock. Once I got that pedal, plugged it in, and strummed my first chord, I was hooked. Everything spiraled out of control from there. The Box of Rock was the foundation of my “sound” until I sold it because I needed money.

For Skylines and the Horizon, you will hear the pedals of the recording board in some form or fashion. I am doing my best to keep track of what guitar and pedal(s) I use for each track.

Since creating this page on 10/5/18 and recording the tracks for SatH, my pedal situation has changed significantly, but I’ve finally hit what feels like another long hibernation period before the pedal monster rears its ugly head again…at least until Black Friday 2019.

Under this menu, you will eventually find the following:

  1. The Pedal Collection: A picture of my current pedal board setup
    1. Separate pages that will contain a review of pedals currently in my possession
  2. Pedals From the Past: A link to a Google Doc containing a list of every pedal I’ve owned. From there, you also see every guitar, bass, and amp I’ve also owned.
    1. Reviews of pedals I previous wrote while owning that were eventually sold or traded.

Interestingly, I’d previously written four reviews and subsequently sold or traded away all four pedals, though two of them were sold to my friend, JD, and I still have somewhat available access to them as needed.