The tools of the trade. I’ve owned WAY too many guitars and don’t come close to the past/present collection of some musicians. While I’d love to have a wall full of different guitars made of different woods with different pickups, bridges, and all of the other details, life (and more importantly, money) don’t work out that way.

I have, however, settled on a handful of electric guitars, two acoustics, and a bass that I’m very happy with.

  • 1981 Takamine F360S Acoustic with a Fishman humbucker of some kind (Rare Earth, maybe)
  • 1992 Fender Power Telecaster (that’s been heavily modified)
  • 2008 Paul Reed Smith SC245 Soapbar
  • 2011 Gibson Midtown Standard
  • 2015 Martin JCPA4 Acoustic/Electric
  • 2017 Fender Precision Bass Special
  • 2017 Gibson Les Paul Classic

For the 2011 Watauga Sessions, I had a 2001 Paul Reed Smith Singlecut with PRS #7 humbuckers (if I rememeber correctly) that served as the primary lead guitar on those recordings.