kcwmMusic and Some Thoughts

This whole music thing hasn’t been going as swiftly as I’d like. I had hoped to be done with the 14 songs I’d written on stream by now and back to the writing process. My goal was to write, record, and add a song a week to my initial list of 20 tunes. I have six.

Let’s break this into two sections:

“Why haven’t I been streaming?”

The writing process would have meant a return to regular streaming, something I haven’t really done for the month of December. I know that I don’t owe any explanation to anyone, but the people who regularly support me are people that I appreciate and I want to get this out of the way first.

The Christmas season is a big deal for my family. We decorate our yard, and I don’t mean lining the house with lights. We have inflatables, wrap the trees, line the yard, garage, and fence. We dress up the poles on our porch, put lights on our bushes, and generally go the whole nine yards. We also spend almost every night driving around to look at Christmas lights. We have family time. Ellie is eight, which is the age that memories REALLY start to take hold and I want her to have memories of us doing things as a family.

“What happened to the twenty songs?”

Writing is a challenging process. Sometimes I have these amazing, creative bursts where things just come to me, and sometimes I slam my head against the wall trying to come up with something that speaks to me.

I  write, learn, practice, and record in a matter of hours, something that generally happens over the course of days, weeks, or months. My brain is the only brain in the creative process. This is both helpful and a hindrance. There’s no one to check me and say “Is that really the best thing?” and sometimes that happens internally well into the process. I also play everything…every guitar note you hear. If I were to use loops, where I record each part and then just copy/paste it, things would go MUCH faster. It’d be easier, but it wouldn’t be fulfilling. It feels GREAT to be able to say that I played something from start to finish, even I record it in separate parts (like the verses and choruses of “Sometimes It Works Out”).

Recently, Song 3, which became “Sometimes It Works Out”, was a song that really frustrated me. I was never happy with it. From the moment I wrote it, it’s been one that I’ve been hesitant to play. I even skipped in during the recording process and went on to record three other songs. I almost started a fourth.

There are times that I write these parts and screw them up. The solo (if one can call it that) at the end of “Rachel” took 39 takes and I still need to redo it before I release it. Sometimes my brain gets ahead of me, sometimes I miss the beat, sometimes I flub a line at the end and have to do it all over again until I can figure out how to “punch in” when I record using the DAW I use.

There have been folks that have been supportive of my semi-move to a more music focused stream. I want them to know I haven’t given up, haven’t lost my drive, and still intend to do this.

Maybe, one day, I’ll have a library of songs and won’t feel the same pressure to release a group of songs. I don’t have that luxury…yet.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported my stream during this process and thank you for understanding my absence. I might have a small audience, but I appreciate every moment they spend with me.

“So what now?”

I’m looking at DistroKid to get my songs onto Spotify. I messaged their Twitter team and asked if there was a way to ensure they don’t send DMCA notices on my behalf. After all, what’s the point of saying I want to write DMCA-free music and then have DMCA notices issued? That’d make for a pretty sour experience. They responded as long as I don’t register them with Content ID, I’m good to go. I’m hoping that’s all it is. If so, and I’ll do some digging tomorrow, then I will hopefully have a handful of songs for people to use. I am almost up to 40 minutes of music. I have a long way to go, but it’d be a start, right?

Tomorrow, January 3rd, I’ll start work on a new song. It’s one of my favorite of this group and I really hope it turns out. I’ve been practicing with a looper pedal and my wife is already informed me that I keep playing the same thing. That’s the point of practicing, right?

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