It’s official! Skylines and the Horizon was released on 9/1/2019

Check it out on Bandcamp!

SatH started life as an untitled EP back in 2011 during what I now refer to as the Watauga Session. “Spin”, “ALTG”, “So Far”, and “Zombies” found their legs during those sessions, and “One and Three”  started to come together shortly after.

Those songs sat on the backburner until August of 2017 when I rerecorded all of them only to realize that I was very unhappy with the guitar tones I’d captured. However, that process led me to discover a way to record music without needing to haul all of my gear somewhere else. Starting in 2018, I began the final recordings, stewed on them, worked on mixes, and finally have something to show for it.

There will always be something in that final mix that I will want to go back and improve on…the bass is a bit heavy, maybe the guitars should be panned differently, maybe the EQ could use adjusting on X, Y, and Z tracks, and the list goes on. Maybe I will revisit SatH a few years down the road when I’ve learned more about the art of mixing, balancing plugins, and all the magic that turn songs into sonic wonderlands.

Now, I turn my eyes towards the next slate of songs I want to work on. Although I have a list ready, this time around I plan to work on and release songs individually and then release them all together as an EP once they are finalized. Two of the songs are former Soulhitter tunes that will be seeing the light of day again: Grow (formerly known as Superman) and Wash (formerly known as Wash My Hands). I actually have recordings of those and will be translating the drum parts John wrote back in the day into Superior Drummer 3. Head starts cannot be overlooked.

Thanks to anyone who’s read these blogs, followed along in my musical journey, who listens to the songs going forward, and has provided helpful feedback along the way.

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