Why Am I Not Recording More Pedal Demos?

I have a handful of pedal demos around, a couple of which are on my YouTube channel and another of which are on a separate Soundcloud site. You might notice that both profiles have kcwm in them, and that’s a moniker I use online for numerous things.

I have a couple of pedals I’d really like to do a demo on: the Tapestry Audio Fab Suisse and the Subdecay Vector. I’d really like to get the Fab Suisse up and running, but finding the drive to do it, especially in light of some other things swimming around in my head, has been hard.

While I don’t have many hobbies, I do find that my attention wanes on music more than the others. I think working on Skylines and the Horizons and focusing on getting that wrapped up used up whatever steam I had going. Heck, I still need to record vocals for one of the songs, harmonies on a couple of others, and finding the time and energy to do that has been hard.

I’ve always been guilty of focusing on and getting caught up in a particular hobby, going all out, and then getting burned out for a bit. In between recording Low-Fi, Nice Try’s Waiting Drove Us Mad and my own EP, I’ve been focusing on music for the better part of two years. I know the LFNT guys are working on new material I believe they’d like to start working on this year.

I want to do better.


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