The Recording Board

My “main” pedal board, or the one I use to record, has changed quite a bit since late 2017 when I sold my original Pedaltrain PT-2 board, its contents, and went in a small, more desktop-friendly board. Gone are the 2′ long board, TC Electronic Nova System, Fulltone OCD, Danelectro CF-1 Fuzz and CO-1 Drive, and other pedals of my past, replaced by a pair of SIG Custom 12″x10″ boards with a whole other slew of pedals.

I forget when exactly that occurred, although I can confirm I bought my second Sig Custom board from someone on back in late October of 2017. The one you see pictured to the left was bought via the local Facebook Marketplace and came with a Voodoo Labs ISO 5 power brick. The ISO 5 works well for a number of small boards because it has the option of a 12v AND 18v out, if one has pedals that can be powered at those voltages. The Nova Delay on this board is a 12v pedal, but I run it on its own individual adapter.

Sig Custom boards are made locally here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but the domain is for sale and the Facebook page hasn’t had much activity. Hopefully, the guy keeps making boards because they are quality boards. I did message the page in October of 2017 before buying my other board and received a quick response, so it appears that the Facebook page is, or at least was, actively monitored.

The Recording Board, as I’ve come to call this, is a board that features the following pedals:

  • Electro-Harmonix Micro POG
  • JHS Sweet Tea v3 (Angry Charlie v3 + Moonshine v2)
  • JHS Muffuletta
  • Zvex Distortron
  • Eventide H9
  • TC Electronic Nova Delay

The Micro POG makes an appearance as the second guitar on “So Far”, but might be replaced by my Wampler Tumnus Deluxe. Yeah, yeah…five drives (there are two within the Sweet Tea) on a single board, but when I’m using a board for recording purposes, those five different drive pedals all provide a different sonic profile .