The Pedal Collection

Once a guitarist is bitten by the pedal bug, it’s already too late. They are doomed to an existence with a constant desire to try new things. I am not immune.

When I began setting this site up, I maintained two separate boards, one of which was used for recording, and is pictured on the left, and the other was used for practicing. I have since sold or traded two of the pedals above and replaced another with a new pedal.

This page will now serve as a landing page regarding my pedal collection, the pedal boards I own, and the power supplies that I use to power my boards

Sig Custom Pedal Boards

I own a pair of Sig Custom mini pedal boards that are 12″x10″. It’s enough to fit seven pedals, though a couple of mine are either on the edge or hanging off just a bit.

I forget when exactly that occurred, although I can confirm I bought my second Sig Custom board from someone on back in late October of 2017. The other was bought via the local Facebook Marketplace and came with a Voodoo Labs ISO 5 power brick.

Sig Custom boards are made locally here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but the domain is for sale and the Facebook page hasn’t had much activity. Hopefully, the guy keeps making boards because they are quality boards. I did message the page in October of 2017 before buying my other board and received a quick response, so it appears that the Facebook page is, or at least was, actively monitored.

The two Sig Custom boards are separated into two distinct roles: a Recording Board and a Practice Board

The Recording board is currently set up with the following:

  • Subdecay Vector
  • EQD Black Ash
  • EQD Hoof v2
  • Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe v2
  • Zvex Distortron
  • Eventide H9
  • TC Electronic Nova Delay

The Practice Board is currently set up with the following:

  • Wampler Tumnus Deluxe
  • JHS @ (clone)
  • JHS Sweet Tea v3
  • Keeley Super Mod Workstation
  • Keeley Delay Workstation

Currently sitting unused, but are easily swapped in are the following:

  • Danelectro Cool Cat CF-1 Fuzz
  • DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay
  • EQD Dunes (clone)
  • JHS Angry Charlie v2
  • Kokko Compressor

I am currently in the process of looking at 12″x24″ boards so I can put as much on board as I can. I’m hoping I can find out what Sig Customs’ plans are, but if I can’t or they are no longer making boards, I am looking at T-Rex Tone Trunk 56 board.

Power Supplies

I currently own two Voodoo Labs ISO 5 power supplies. The ISO 5 works well for a number of small boards because it has the option of a 12v AND 18v out, if one has pedals that can be powered at those voltages.

I have a True Tone 1-Spot CS12 Isolated Power Supply on the way that sho;d be able to power anything I currently have and maybe then some with some DC splitters. The mA draw on a couple of pedals is minimal and I don’t mind them sharing a single isolated power bank.