The Pedal Collection

Once a guitarist is bitten by the pedal bug, it’s already too late. They are doomed to a nearly unending quest to find just the right tone. My pedal journey started with a Zvex Box of Rock and, man, has it been a wild ride.

Since starting the process of recording Skylines and the Horizon in 2017 and restarting around Labor Day of 2018, my pedal collection has changed significantly. In fact, the pedals I used to record as recently as November 2018 have moved on into another guitarist’s possession.

I currently own two 12″x10″ mini boards made by a company out of Garland, Texas called Sig Custom. I can fit six or seven pedals on there if I get really creative.

I keep one board in the front of the house next to my main PC for practice purposes. That board currently has the following pedal chain:

Wampler Pinnacle > Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz > Mooer Black Secret > Keeley Super Mod Workstation > DOD Rubberneck > TC Electronic T2 Reverb

The other board is what I refer to as my “Recording Board”. It is back with my recording PC and has the following pedal chain:

Wampler Tumnus Deluxe > EQD Black Ash > EQD Hoof > Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe v2 > Zvex Double Rock > Strymon El Capistan > TC Electronic Nova Delay

At some point soon, I should receive a new custom made 12×24″ board from a company called Solid Rock Customs that I found through Etsy. In the interim, I have used a tool on to plan out what my board and it should look as follows:

The pedal chain will look as follows:

Kokko Compressor > EHX POG 2 > EQD Hoof > Wampler Tumnus Deluxe > EQD Black Ash > EQD Dunes > Wampler Sovereign (I used the smaller Pinnacle as a placeholder) > Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe v2 > Kokko Distortion (I used the Kokko Overdrive as a placeholder) > Mooer Black Secret > Zvex Double Rock > Subdecay Vector (I used whatever that pedal is as a placeholder) > Blackout Effectors Musket > Keeley Super Mod Workstation > Strymon El Capistan > DOD Rubberneck > TC Nova Delay > TC Electronic T2

It seems like a lot of pedals and I’m guessing something might be slightly off, but the pedals have measurements and, eyeballing it, I should be close. Some of the top pedals will hang over a little, but I’m OK with that.

There are some definite redundancies on the board. I likely don’t need three fuzzes and it might come down to the Musket vs. the Hoof. The Rubberneck and the El Cap also do very similar things and could see the Rubberneck being relegated to a role player and moved off of the board. I have plans in the event they don’t fit. I do have a varied selection of patch cables that SHOULD facilitate the setup I have above.

Worst case scenario, some of the pedals above will remain on the one Sig Custom board I’ll be keeping to function as a grab-and-go pedal board.

Pedals are a lot of fun. My mad dash for new pedals has been dying down over the last few months and I only have a few pedals of interest.

I plan to write my thoughts on the above pedals, similar to what I did for the Eventide H9, JHS Sweet Tea, JHS Muffuletta, and Zvex Distortron. When I do, you will them as sub-pages to this one. Heck, if I keep it up, they might even have video demos from my YouTube channel.