Pedals. I remember walking into Guitar Center for the first time and buying my first pedal, the first pedal of many guitarists, the Boss DS-1.

For years, my world of pedals was contained within a very small community of “big” brands…basically what I could find at Guitar Center, stumble upon in pawnshops,  or see on Craigslist.

On a fateful day, I met a guy to buy some pedal that I’ve now forgotten, and he told me to check out a forum called The Gear Page. That site would become the place that I spent most of my free internet time and exposed me to the boutique builders and “nicer” pedals that I’ve owned over the years. I browsed the forums, read so many threads, and finally landed on my first purchase: a Zvex Box of Rock. Once I got that pedal, plugged it in, and strummed my first chord, I was hooked. Everything spiraled out of control from there. The Box of Rock was the foundation of my “sound” until I sold it because

For Skylines and the Horizon, you will hear the pedals of the recording board in some form or fashion. I am doing my best to keep track of what guitar and pedal(s) I use for each track.

You’ll find separate pages for the separate boards I have set up, the pedals on those boards, and a list of all of the pedals I’ve owned over the years.

If you ever have any questions on any of the pedals I use or have owned, please feel free to ask and I do my best to answer them based on my experience and/or what I can remember about them.